Ajay A Kalra

Why & What If Ajay Kalra March 7, 2021
Why & What If
Why & What If

I had two friends in the past, Why & What If

I had two friends in the past

One was Why

And the other was What If

Whenever I experienced pain

I would ask Why

He would always give me a reasonable reason

And sometimes when he couldn’t

It was more painful

Whenever I was at the beginning

Of a risky venture

I would ask What If

She would warn me

Of the consequences and risk involved

Scared I would proceed slowly

Or simply call it off

Over time…

So much pain and uncertainty

Came my way

That I forgot to ask

Why and What If

Or perhaps

They ran out of answers

Then I discovered a new friend


It told me

Life is inherently uncertain

On the other hand

It is certainly certain

What is meant to be will be

Live wisely

And don’t waste your energy

On Why and What If

I no longer ask Why and What If

I wonder

Where are my old friends now

Why and What If


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