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Silence: Language of the Soul Ajay Kalra April 16, 2022
Silence: Language of the Soul

It’s been a while since I have written. My Heart needed Silence. But then Silence cannot be written. It can only be experienced. Or shared through Presence.

Being alone, not lonely. Being one, not conflicted. Just being, not doing.

We live in a culture that celebrates doing, achieving and becoming. If one is silent, we are asked “Is something wrong?”

There are two kinds of silence. One of depression, the other of Being.

The silence of depression has a purpose. It is often the much needed step towards discovering the Silence of Being. It is mourning the loss of a wrong idea of who we think we are and how we must live our life. An incorrect understanding of love and God.

The Silence of Being has no purpose. It simply is. Like the roadside flower, the chirping bird and the passing cloud. It exists. No one knows why. Or what for. It is simply there. Always there.

Our social conditioning covers our natural Silence. We are busy talking, making plans and goals. We are busy being busy. Even if we are alone, we are never truly alone. Our mind is filled with conversations between the many personalities within us.

Silence is the only antidote for our unnoticed mental illness.

Silence gives birth to spontaneity and creativity. Compassion and empathy. Kindness and generosity.

When we try to cultivate these virtues, it is a perversion of the mind. For the mind filled with so many versions of itself, is trying to create another preconceived version of itself. A good version. A saintly version. A spiritual version.

This leads to delusion, hypocrisy and guilt. The desire to explain ourself to others. To seek validation from others. The need to gain power over others. The mind always needs another. To love, to hate, to judge, to blame, to reform.

Silence needs no one. It is complete. It is One with all there is.

The mind fears Silence. It feels if it is not doing something it will die. It sees Silence as an empty void. Much of our actions are an escape from Silence. A distraction from our inability to be by ourself.

Silence cannot be taught, or achieved. It can only be uncovered. Cause it is always there. Just like we cannot live life. Cause we are always alive.

The mind assaulted by its own contradictions seeks Silence. It projects an image of a silent mind and tries to achieve it. It practices Yoga, meditation, mindfulness to make it silent. It believes a Guru will show it how to become silent.

These become new notions of the mind, that cover the already existing Silence. The mind’s desire for silence, creates a new noise. A new identity. The seeker of silence.

Silence is found, when it is no longer sought. When there is no movement of the mind desiring this or that. Just observing what is.

Observation is the most dynamic action. Particularly observing the chatter of our mind. When noise is observed it becomes silent. When light is shone on a dark spot , it no longer remains dark.

But to do that we need to trust life. We need to have faith that being alone will not isolate us. Doing nothing, will not make us failures. And being still, is not always a sign of inactivity.

It requires us to question all that we have learnt, heard and believed. That requires courage. Or deep anguish.

Either way we cannot escape Silence. It is the deepest longing of our soul.

It is who we are.


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