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About Ajay Kalra February 6, 2020
About Me

Hi, my name is Ajay Kalra. I am a regular guy, with no fancy qualifications or achievements. Since childhood, I had a quest to uncover the mystery of life. “Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?” were questions that intrigued me in my growing years. These questions remained unaddressed, as they were not a part of my school curriculum or of any interest to my caregivers.

After completing Chartered Accountancy, I actively started seeking answers to these questions through spirituality. I did various programs, visited different ashrams, met many Gurus, read a lot of books in the hope of attaining enlightenment. I was obsessed with finding the Truth.

In my search for Truth, I crossed important milestones of giving up the search, being true to my feelings, discerning between feelings and impulses, self-discipline and surrender. I have shared my story in the first chapter of my book Be PRESENT Be Happy, which can be read here.

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My only practice now is to keep my attention in the Now. I have realized, Now is where life happens. And when I am in the Now I become one with Life.

In common parlance, this practice is called Mindfulness.

This is what I teach through my classes, workshops, retreats, books, articles, and videos. Over time a Mindful Living community has developed, mainly comprising of people attending my classes. I hold the space for this group, whose intent is to support and inspire each other towards conscious living.

I make no claims to perfection. Or imperfection. I live simply, taking note of what each moment brings. Without the intent of controlling, creating, or avoiding any experience. I have noticed this approach brings contentment and allows life to unfold naturally. I trust the intelligence of the Universe to nudge all human beings towards greater consciousness.

My favorite quote is It Is What It Is

Ajay Kalra