Ajay A Kalra

Services Ajay Kalra February 20, 2021
Mindful Living Classes
Mindful Living Classes

Mindful Living Classes are spontaneous sessions on mindfulness, meditation, and self-knowledge thrice a week. It is a space for healing and self-discovery. The session unfolds spontaneously on topics ranging from personal growth, relationships, communication, healthy habits, decision making, emotional wellbeing, amongst others.


Each session incorporates the practice of mindfulness along with a reading from any book of my choice on the topic of Self Knowledge. The tone of the discussions is informal, humorous, and relatable. I am available to the participants for personal guidance if needed. All participants become members of the Mindful Living community.

Mindfulness Retreats
Mindfulness Wellness Retreats

Mindfulness Retreats are an opportunity to immerse in nature, yoga, meditation, sattvic diet, silence and creativity. Held over a period of 3 to 5 days in the serene environment of a wellness center, the retreat allows participants to slow down and reconnect with their natural essence. It is a chance to meet new people and stay together as a community.


Participants have the freedom to follow the schedule of the retreat or do what feels right for them at the moment. The purpose of the retreat is to integrate mindfulness in all aspects of life in a simple and spontaneous manner. Participants experience various elements of living a holistic and balanced life.

Mindfulness Workshops
Mindfulness Wellness Workshops

Mindfulness Workshops are interactive sessions ranging from an hour to a day on the practice of mindfulness. These workshops are custom designed according to the requirements of the audience. They range from a variety of topics such as leadership, decision making, managing change, emotional well-being, creativity, healthy habits, etc.


The underlying theme of each workshop is how mindfulness can transform each aspect of life. And how mindfulness can connect us to the intuitive intelligence of the Universe that is organic and natural. The workshops are a blend of structure, spontaneity, activities, discussions, videos and storytelling. The purpose is to educate and engage at the same time.

Mindfulness Speaking
Mindfulness Wellness Speaking

Mindfulness Speaking are public talks on the subject of mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, meditation, mental health and holistic living. These speaking assignments are generally at a corporate event, association-club get-togethers, or special occasions such as International Yoga Day or World Mental Health Day. The talks are usually followed by a Q & A session.

Mindfulness Counselling
Mindfulness Counselling

Mindfulness Counselling is informal counseling for people struggling with difficult life circumstances. I mostly offer individual guidance only to people known to me through my classes or workshops. The focus is to disassociate with dysfunctional beliefs, develop a mindfulness routine and do what is needed at the moment.

Mindful Living Community
Mindful Living Community

Mindful Living Community comprises of members who are part of the Mindful Living classes. The purpose of the community is to provide a safe non-judgmental space for being authentic and vulnerable. It is a healing space. Members meet at frequent intervals for get-togethers, chanting and meditation practice.